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A Day on the Fringe Set

12-5-11 Cloverdale BC

I read that Fringe would be filming in Cloverdale on 12/2, 12/5 and 12/6 and decided that this was as good a chance as any for me to actually visit the set.  My friend had today off so I played hooky from work and we drove up and across the border from our Seattle suburb.  I’d never done any kind of set visit before, having only read them online, so I had no idea what to expect when I actually got to the location.  After walking around the block a couple times, I got up the nerve to make conversation with one of the PAs.  We chatted for a while and I asked him what the best way might be to meet any of the cast and he directed us back to the alley behind the cafe they were filming in.  Back there we stood around for what seemed like forever and may actually have been.  

It turned out that everyone thought we were with the crew.  We were offered a ride to lunch with everyone and were asked questions by people passing by about what was going on.  Eventually John came outside for a smoke break and recognized that I was holding the copy of VSC that I found in Seattle.  He came over and we started talking and I showed him the album but the only problem was that he had already signed it when I met him at ECCC last March.  He asked who’s autographs I was hoping to get and I said Anna and Josh.  He said that he’d mention it to Josh inside and that Anna wasn’t on set yet but he’d see what he could do.

Josh came outside with his GF Diane Kruger and we figured it wasn’t the best time to ask, so we waited some more.  Then he walked back over solo and I basically blurted out “Hi Josh would you sign this please?” and he said absolutely.  I handed him the album and my sharpie and as luck would have it the pen had gotten too cold to work.  He said “well isn’t that Murphy’s Law” and I said “wait I have another one!” which I fished out of my purse and it worked.  Not as well as I would have liked but good enough.  I thanked him profusely and then the car with Anna rolled up and she headed inside.  Then she jogged right back out because she had forgotten a bag in the car.  Unfortunately the car had already left which set off a series of walkie talkie questions trying to find the car.  She told them it wasn’t that big of a deal but one of the other drivers assured her they would find it.  Then Anna said ‘bugger’ and it may have been the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  Then she headed back inside.

After a little more waiting and more offers of coffee or hot chocolate or food from the crew, John came back outside and lit another cigarette.  Then he noticed us again and asked us if we were successful.  I said we had met Josh but not Anna yet and he said “hmm she’s going to be busy inside for a little while, let me take it in there and see what I can do.”  He put his full cigarette down and went inside, returning with Anna’s autograph shortly thereafter.  I was flabbergasted.  I had gotten the main three’s signatures on my very own copy of the VSC vinyl.  My mission was accomplished but I wasn’t ready to go home yet.

My friend and I had to take a break to get food and warm up because once the sun started to set it got wicked cold.  Then I convinced her that we had to go back and watch some actual filming.  They were moving filming outside after it got dark.  We went back and around to the front of the building which was on the main street of Cloverdale.  We met back up with the first PA we had talked to and also befriended the girls in charge of directing traffic.  The crew got a lot busier after the sun went down.  They took down the black drapes that were covering the front of the cafe that they had been filming in all day.  They fake boarded up the store across the street and they brought in wind machines and agent Dunham’s Nissan SUV.  

We were able to watch while they filmed the last few shots inside the cafe.  It was a scene where a seemingly crazy guy (maybe butcher) was waving around a knife and Olivia shoots him.  They had to run through the scene a couple times because the squibs that simulate the gunshots didn’t explode properly.  Then they started setting up the next shot which was Olivia, Peter and Walter pulling up outside in the SUV and getting out in front of the cafe.  The crew let us stay on the sidewalk which was basically as close as we could possibly get without actually being in the shot.  Since they let us stay so close they preferred we didn’t take any pics. Then one of the PAs brought us hot chocolate and cookies even though I repeatedly said that they really didn’t have to.  We were also approached and asked by another crew member about the VSC album and where I had found it.  He was friends with Christopher Lloyd who played the drummer from VSC in season 3’s episode ‘The Firefly’. 

So we stood and watched scene being rehearsed.  The SUV pulls up and the three hop out.  They discuss something and then Walter and Peter go inside and Olivia walks down the sidewalk which was directly over to us.  When she got over to us she mentioned how cold it was.  The wind machines certainly didn’t help.  I hope my face didn’t show how much I was spazzing on the inside.  I was only able to agree that it was very cold.  They filmed the scene and it was unfortunately time to head back to the US and back to reality.  Tomorrow 12-6-11 they’re going to be filming some crazy stuff on the main street, including crashing a bus.  I wish I could go back and watch all that go down but alas I have to go back to work.  

Main takeaway from today is that the Fringe cast and crew are probably the nicest bunch of people that you’ll meet anywhere.  They all exceeded my highest expectations and made today completely awesome.

Filming Spoiler Bulletpoints:

-Crazy knife wielding man is shot twice by Olivia

-Crazy knife wielding man’s wardrobe was labelled ‘Big Willy’

-Fake signage included ‘The Maple Tree Diner’ and the ‘Westfield Inn (where comfort comes first…) 

-The town is supposed to be abandoned and there is some kind of windstorm occuring.

-The way Olivia, Walter and Peter interacted, especially the Bishops, in the scene outside suggests that things may be back to normal/Blueverse.  But everyone remained tight-lipped about any actual plot developments when I asked.

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